About us

Modra zavarovalnica is one of the most important providers of supplementary pension insurances in Slovenia. Supplementary pension insurance provides an additional level of social security for the time after retirement. 

Modra zavarovalnica carries on business in the life insurance group: manages four pension funds and two Guarantee Funds. In addition to managing mutual funds, offers pension annuities and collective accident insurance.

Modra zavarovalnica manages The Capital Mutual Pension Fund (KVPS), Life-Cycle pension fund (MKPS), Closed Mutual Pension Fund for Civil Servants (ZVPSJU), The First Pension Fund (PPS) , Guarantee Fund of the First Pension Fund and  Guarantee Fund Modra renta.

In addition, we provide a collective accident insurance. Stimulate responsible planning old age in financial sense as in sense of whishes in life time period. We also see social responsible act from whom we all will have benefits in future.