Modra zavarovalnica- A Member of the European Association of Public Sector Pension Institution (EAPSPI)

Modra zavarovalnica as the manager of the Mutual Pension Fund for Civil Servants (KPSJU) became the  member of the EAPSPI. By joining the Association, Modra zavarovalnica gained a valuable source of information about the legislation and organisation of pension insurance in the countries of the Association's members. One of the major functions of the Association is to provide the exchange of opinions, experience and information among members. At the same time, the membership will enable Modra zavarovalnica to actively participate in initiatives related to the European pension system and be an active member of individual committees of the Association.

The exchange of ideas, experience and good business practices will help Modra zavarovalnica to manage and further develop the Closed Mutual Pension Fund for Civil Servants as well as its other pension funds.

The EAPSPI – the European Association of Public Sector Pension Institutions includes public pension institutions from no less than 16 European countries. The members of the Association are active in the area of public sector pension insurance, providing for pension rights of as many as 29 million retired persons and civil servants.

The EAPSPI therefore unites legal entities managing basic and supplementary pensions or pension plans and entities in charge of pension insurance legislation. Institutions can co-operate with the Association as regular members or merely observers, and their membership is approved by the General Assembly.

The members of the Association are entitled to vote and their delegates may be elected to the Board of Directors. Members can participate through their delegates in all operations involving European bodies and other national organisations. Although without voting right, observers can make proposals and discuss the directions of the Association’s guidelines, but they are not eligible to delegate members to the Board of Directors.

The main purpose of the Association is mutual assistance among members, and transfer of knowledge, experience and information about the implementation of civil servant pension plans as well as experience in social organisation of the members' respective countries. It therefore represents the point where information and ideas about pensions and development of pension services for civil servants are exchanged along with knowledge and experience in technical and management area.

The members of the Association often analyse good practices of other institutions and study the impact of European legislation on national pension plans, actively participate in building of social Europe and devote their efforts to improvements of services available to their members. Their programme covers also the studies of consequences resulting from Europe's opening up and free movement of workers.

As the European legislation has an ever stronger impact on pensions, the Association offers its members also joint approach to European institutions such as: European Commission, European Parliament and other stakeholders at the EU level.

The Board of Directors is composed of five representatives of the Association, appointed for a two-year term of office by the General Assembly. To ensure equal treatment of all members, the Board of Directors is always composed of representatives from five different countries. The task of the Board of Directors is to present the guidelines and formulate the annual programme of activities and the budget.