Capital Mutual Pension Fund

The Capital Mutual Pension Fund (KVPS) is an open-end supplementary pension insurance fund. It is one of the solution for the growth of assets. The funds collected ensurefinancial stability after retirement, as the employee receives a supplementary pension along with the pension from compulsory insurance. The founder and manager of the fund is Modra zavarovalnica, which ensures safety and profitability of invested assets with its many years of successful performance, professional expertise and financial strength.

The fund provides both individual as well as collective pension schemes for voluntary supplementary pension insurance. It is an open-end fund and, therefore, open to everyone. Entry to the fund is quick and simple. Modra zavarovalnica is fully responsible for the management of assets.

This type of saving has one important advantage; that is the payer of premiums in the Republic of Slovenia is eligible for tax relief.

The collective supplementary pension insurance scheme is an option provided to the employees by their employer, who covers their premiums either in part or in full.

The individual supplementary insurance scheme is available to individuals.

The individual member of the fund gets a personal account, where funds are collected and grow. One other advantage is that Modra zavarovalnica, as the fund managing company, guarantees for at least the guaranteed return on assets, which is even higher than the amount set by law. So far, the actual return on assets of the fund have surpassed the guaranteed return, since prudent investing by Modra zavarovalnica leads to the growth of assets. The investment policy is aimed at safety, profitability, liquidity and diversification of investment so the investment risk is low.